Oh Noes Your “World of Warcraft” Account Got Hacked!

Well, if you’ve been playing World of Warcraft a while and you haven’t yet invested in an authenticator you’ve probably already been hacked. I’m not ashamed to say it. I was hacked. I actually got hacked after my wife’s account got hacked. We thought that copying and pasting our passwords into the game would prevent any malicious shenanigans, but we were wrong. So, we shelled out the cash for an authenticator, got a free pet, and haven’t had any issues since.
So you’ve been hacked. First, get that “oh noes” feeling out of the way. You’re sure to feel it when you go in and attempt to log in and your password won’t work no matter what you do. Then, it gets a little worse when you go check your email you see a message from Blizzard saying your email was changed, probably something to the effect of your account being suspended due to violation of EULA.

Now that you’ve soiled yourself, go to Blizzard’s customer support contact page and call to speak with a live representative. Make sure you have all the proper information that you’d need to access your account (credit card, address, etc). You’ll give them some information, they’ll let you know that yes you’ve been hacked. In my case they told me exactly what time it happened. The difference between my case and my wife’s was that somehow they realized that someone had accessed my account from China and as my account has never been accessed from China they immediately suspended it. My wife’s account however, didn’t get the courtesy. So, in the end two of her characters were server transferred, one deleted, and everything from every character on her main server was deleted or sold.

So, you make the call. Be friendly. It’s not the person on the other end of the line’s fault. It’s not your fault. It’s the fault of some jerk with too much time on his or her hands. Some details you’ll want to remember: when did you last log in and log out? what character did you last log in on? did you go to any suspicious or questionable sites or links of late?

When I called, it was three days before New Years. I was certain I wouldn’t get any help. But, lo and behold the gentleman on the other end managed to get my two main characters their gear back and the little bit of gold that was on them. It took a little less than a week to get the rest of my stuff back. There wasn’t much, but it was mine. The main tank in my guild had his account hacked; one of two. The account hacked was the one that held all his gold; upwards of 150,000. In the rigmarole of getting his account back and replenished it seemed that there was too much to be exact about, so he received copies of things and about 50,000 too much gold. In the end he almost doubled his assets by getting hacked.

Now that you have your account back, assuming the associate for Blizzard was able to do so, check all your characters including the ones you’re leveling. Take an inventory of what is missing (oh there will be things missing). Check to see if any of your characters have been deleted or if there are characters you don’t recognize. Note those. And then wait.

It’ll take some time for customer service to get your characters back in order if they are able to do so. It took mine about two hours. With this time you can run some malware/antivirus type programs to see if you can find the culprit. Call your guild leader or someone in the guild you’re in and let them know that you were hacked and the things that you “stole” from the guild bank will be returned. Finally, buy an authenticator. It’s easily the best less than $10 you’ll spend on your WoW game. You get a free pet, your account is about 99% secure (I won’t give it 100%; Lord knows that hackers are persistent). So get a snack, maybe a drink, and relax. Let Blizzard customer service do their job and you’ll be back to your game in no time.

Wilma Griffin

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