How to Make Good Money on RuneScape

So, do you love to play RuneScape? Do you love to play the quests, train the skills, do the events? Sure ya do. We all do!
But I bet you want money, right? Money is one of the most important things to RuneScape. But what are some good ways to make money, you ask? Well don’t worry, you’ve come to the right article! With a little bit of patience after reading this article, you could be rich! Afford lots of expensive items like whips, dragon items, or even the party hats! Read on.

Please note that there will be some requirements.

Mining Pure Essence

Yes, mining pure essence is a good way to make money, for one simple reason: All sorts of rune crafters all over RuneScape will need pure essence!

Pure Essence sells for over 100gp each (usually around 150gp maybe) and the best place to mine pure essence would probably be Varrock since there is a bank close to the mining place there.

To do this, you need to be a member, you need to complete the quest “Rune Mysteries”, you need level 30 mining, and of course, you need the best pic-axe you can use.

Now, go to a small little building south of the bank with a wizard in it, (should have an arrow over it on the map) and use him to teleport to the pure essence rock. Mine until your inventory is full, use the portal to get back to Varrock, dump your essence into the bank, and repeat! I can make 100k an hour by doing this, but it all depends on mining levels. The higher the level, the faster you can mine.

White Berry Running

There’s a secret spot somewhere in the wilderness where berries will respawn every 5 seconds. It’s inside Red Dragon Isle which is to the east of the lava maze.

You need a games necklace for teleportation to the Bounty Hunter bank (which can be bought from the Grand Exchange for like 500 coins for 8 charges) and an anti dragon shield for protection against the dragons (which can be gotten from the Duke of Lumbridge).

There aren’t any requirements but I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you are at least level 60 because you will be attacked from time to time. Be sure to keep a stock of food in your bank.

Now, use your necklace to teleport to the Bounty Hunter minigame, and head over to Red Dragon Isle and fill your inventory with white berries. Then head to the small cave south of Red Dragon Isle and teleport back to the Bounty Hunter game. Deposit all your berries in the bank and repeat!

With enough practice, you can make up to 100k every 15 minutes doing this!

Now that you know good ways to make money on RuneScape, go out there and become rich!

Wilma Griffin

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