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Boggy Creek

Uncle Joe,

This little gremlin of a ‘squatch is way too fast for me! I swear he flew right by me! I heard him laughing as he did it too. The bugs are terrible, I’m getting out of here!

- Ranger Rosie

Uncle Joe
c/o Joe's Bait Shop
10 Squatch Lane
Statesville, USA

Boggy Creek Quickfoot

Fact Sheet

  • Scientific name: Magnapedis acutus parum
  • Nickname: Little Bigfoot
  • Habitat: Boggy Creek

Did you know Little Bigfoot is actually faster than the speed of sound? This speedy little fellow has a fascinating story -- if only a biographer could track him down long enough to record it all!

Years ago, the Boggy Creek Quickfoot was born into the grand Russian Circus. It’s innate talent for gymnastics, insane athleticism and love of performance made it the centerpiece of the traveling spectacle. Audiences would come from far and wide to see the Little Bigfoot. The legendary Sasqautch was real! And it could dance!!

Little Bigfoot’s talents knew no bounds. Spins, cartwheels, flips -- his trainers insist that this tiny ‘squatch from the old swamp could even fly!

Sticky Sock Loves Stinky Old Socks!

Unfortunately, because of Little Bigfoot’s vertical disability, many didn’t believe that it was truly a Sasquatch. Many called it the ‘little gremlin’ or ‘tiny devil.’ And indeed, rumors began to spread of the famed Little Bigfoot’s poltergeist-like hijinxs. Some of its favorites hobbies were attempting to befriend local children, only to terrify them with its mighty teeth and bright red eyes.

Its oldest trainer admits that the Boggy Creek Quickfoot maybe have started the legend of the Loch Ness Monster.

Long nights at the circus, combined with the taunts of being a ‘poser,’ ‘a fake,’ and an ‘imposter,’ finally took its toll on this swamp native, and the little gremlin’s love of flight and spectacle came to a ceremonious climax. One night, as it ended a particularly great performance, the Boggy Creek Quickfoot lept into the air, let loose a bone-chilling screech, and flew through the big top tent into the night.

Little Bigfoot hasn’t been seen since.

This one won’t be easy. Like a hairy little sour-patch kid, Boggy Creek Quickfoot is mischievous, crafty, and quick on its feet -- but always wants to befriend you once it’s had its fun.

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Better start training! I’m going to need a master Bigfoot Hunter to get this ‘squatch on camera! Join the Hunt today to start training today!


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- Ranger Rosie